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5 Things Pastors Need to Hear From Church Members

5 things pastors need to  hear from church members blog postIf you really want to encourage and support your pastor, this blog post is for you. As I have observed church life, I have noticed different individuals who really can hurt and even destroy a pastor by the words  that they speak. Some I believe do it unintentionally, and others do it intentionally. Now, in my experience the pastors loved their church members and the church, but sometimes church members forget that these pastors are real people.

Here are five things that your pastor regularly needs to hear from his church members:

  1. Praying for you – This is the easiest and the most important. As a pastor faces the difficult problems that he faces, the most encouraging thing that he can hear is “hey pastor, I am praying for you!” By the way, before you start saying this, make sure that it is true. That you are consistently and actively…

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