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5 Ways to Hurt Your Pastor

5 Ways to Hurt Your PastorIn my ministry experience, I have seen people say and do things that can really hurt their pastor. Some of them do things unintentionally, and some (I believe) do things intentionally. We oftentimes view the pastor as a man who is not human, but we must remember that pastors are human and can hurt just like anyone else. We must be careful in the way that we treat, honor, and submit to their authority.

Here are a few ways that people hurt their pastors:

  1. Joke that the Pastor doesn’t have a Real Job – Here are some common phrases I have heard from pastors:  “I want to become a pastor, because that is easy.” “I want to become a pastor so I can sleep in and have an easy schedule.” I hate hearing people talk about how being a pastor is so easy. Yes, in some ways the pastors schedule…

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