Life as a Foreigner

Myself No More: Giving Up My Rights

We all want so much to fight for our rights; women’s rights, minority rights, religious rights, etc. These are the basic things we need, the things we should have a right to:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Good Health
  • Sufficient Clothing
  • Relationships with others
  • Privacy

But when we’re living for Christ we may have to sacrifice some or all of these things. I have had to give up quite a bit of these as I have moved overseas, and I still struggle with laying them down.  Moving to a new country, I initially get sick a lot as my immune system is unadjusted.  Most people in my new country have health practices which I strongly disagree with.  A great many people have diseases such as diabetes.  I miss the fresh, low-carb food of my native place.  And still I eat the food and breath the air of this land.  I would be lying if I said the thought, “I just want to go back to the west!” never crossed my mind.

Yet still I stay.

I was serious when I gave my life to Christ.  I will stay even if I’m tempted to run away to a more comfortable enviroment.  I will stay even if I have to reign in my natural exuberance in order to be culturally appropriate.  I will stay even if my health declines.

I will remain with my family.

I will obey Christ.

When we lose our rights we can learn that we can find our core desires in Christ.  Now Jesus is teaching me humility and endurance as I find my comfort in Him.

Cusick details seven core desires of the human soul: 

  •  Attention — I long to be seen. I long to be valued. I long to matter. 
  •  Affection — I long to be enjoyed. I long to be delighted in. I long for you to take pleasure in who I am. 
  • Affirmation — I long to know I have what it takes. I long for your blessing. 
  •  Acceptance — I long to belong. I long to be desired. 
  •  Satisfaction — I long for fullness. I long for well-being. 
  •  Significance — I long for impact. I long for meaning. I long to be powerful. 
  •  Security — I long to know I will be OK. 



Cusick offers this about our yearnings: 
“All of these core thirsts are God-given appetites and longings. When they are suppressed, cut off, or shut down, we resemble an Indy car running on four cylinders. Because of this, we fail to live from our hearts. To run on eight cylinders, we need to acknowledge that we are thirsty and identify what our thirsts are. Why? Because only when we identify them will we begin moving toward those desires according to God’s design.”

Living by faith means giving up who I thought I was in order to discover who I was really meant to be all along.

From Velvet Ashes: “Children of the Morning”

In any case, it would be far more accurate to say that the Enemy, in whatever form he appears, sees us better than we see ourselves. He wouldn’t go to such great lengths to discourage and derail and defeat us if he was not terribly frightened of our beauty, our power, our worth, and our settled position in the kingdom. We are glorious, dangerous children of God. If we really understood that, we’d stop cowering in the dark. If we really understood that, there’s no telling what we could do.

Also, what we really believe about everything always becomes clear in the end. We can talk about God’s love all day long, but without a Spirit revelation of His love at a deep, personal level, nothing in our lives will give evidence to the love of God. I could wax eloquent about God’s goodness and provision, but I still have a major hang-up about my kids getting sick. It’s a serious panicky anxiety thing. Though the truth is that God is good, that He will care for my children (and me) no matter what physical illness finds its way into our home, I can only give lip service to that truth. I’m not yet mixed with it. It’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows me. But when I’m set free from the deep-down lie, it’ll show, too. Every person with whom I come in contact will sense it. They’ll know the peace of it; they’ll long to experience it for themselves. And there is just no end to those ripple effects.


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