Social Issues

Love Vs. Chaotic Lust

We live in a world where people will defend open relationships, one-night stands and pornography, saying that they’re normal and natural behaviors.  They call people who disdain such things bigots or self-righteous. Those who know the destructive effect of porn and fortification are deemed prudes as sexual abuse becomes and every-day occurrence.

Yet those who defend perversion and adultery will shamelessly mock the harmless sexual interests of two consenting adults.

Virgins over the age of 15 are a rarity.

Virgins over the age of 21 are boring, undesirable people.

It is not normal for two people to have married without having sex first.

But tell me, anyone, why is virginity a societal sin?


Our society speaks against sexual abuse and violence, yet consumes pornography which fetishes both and worse.  People treat pornography as a normal thing, and then become baffled as they watch the rise in sexual violence.  If you care about women’s rights (and men’s rights!), are you going to watch something which degrades the human body as something to be exploited and used, rather than honored?  If you care about Human Rights, don’t click on that porn link and then hypocritically work to shut down slavery and human trafficking.


Scarlett Johanson divorced her husband because she feels “monogamy is unnatural,” as she observes the effort it takes most people to remain faithful exclusively to one partner.  If monogamy is unnatural, then why do people with multiple sexual partners have to take such a great deal of precaution against sexually transmitted diseases and infections?  Is it natural to contract illnesses?

And even supposing monogamy was unnatural, does that make it a bad thing?  Even people who are openly promiscuous use birth control — which is unnatural and requires effort!  Daily we do many things which are “unnatural” and difficult in order to live a healthy life, such as get medical checkups, study in schools and universities, work long hours to make money and show unnecessary kindness to friends and strangers even at cost to ourselves.



It often seems that humans can no longer differentiate between love and lust.  Love is something so much greater and more intimate than sex.  It takes some willing to give their all, yet not caring if the other is able to give equally.  Love asks, “What can I give you?”  While Lust says, “What can you give me?”


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