Count It All Joy


Jeremiah 31:14,

I will feast the soul of the priests with abundance,

   and my people shall be satisfied with my goodness,

declares the Lord.”


I’m thankful for my husband every single day. I never believed in soul mates until I met him.  I’ve never met anyone who is so in love with Jesus.

As long as I can remember, way back into childhood, I was attracted to foreigners and had a premonition that I’d marry someone from outside the US, and Amith had the premonition he’d marry and American.

In 2014 I was in traveling through Asia on holiday, and in the middle of my journey I met a young pastor named Amith.  Although I had met many people from all around the world, never before had I met any man who showed such passion and love for Jesus.  We became close, and as we prayed God began speaking to our hearts about His will for our relationship.  In June 2016 I planed to go overseas to teach English as a volunteer, but Amith caused a joyful change of my plans by proposing!




We decided to have a small engagement celebration at our home.  Amith lead me into our living room, and he had written, “Anna, will you marry me?” in rose petals on the floor. He went down on one knee and sang me a love song. Then he asked if I would marry him and replaced my purity ring with an engagement ring.  The next Sunday, he announced to everyone that he’d gotten engaged to an American girl!  It was a big surprise for the community, but I was welcomed and people right away.

We were married on November 30th, and it was the most perfect wedding we could have asked for.  My mom came for our wedding, however my dad and sister had to stay back in the states and take care of my elderly grandparents.  But we Skyped our ceremony and my dad said afterward that he felt he was there with us.  We had a very romantic, precious honeymoon in Thailand and hope to return someday for holiday.


Enchanting Boat Ride in Thailand


We feel very blessed by God and are amazed looking back at all He has done for us.  Adjusting to life in a new country it hasn’t been all romance, roses and adventure though. With a heavy heart, I’ve cried many a time in my husband’s lap.

Some were inspired to ask God for one word or phrase for this new year. I asked God every day for about a week what my word was, and I kept hearing, “Joy.” But I kept asking God over and over again because I didn’t understand what it meant to me. Then God said to me, “Count it all joy.”

Then I understood. Living in a completely foreign enviroment I am facing many potential hardships. There is great temptation to succumb to the trials I may face and so become bitter, burned-out and depressed. But God is asking me to rebel against discouragement, to praise Him in everything and to draw my joy from Him.


Philippians 4:4

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”


This blog is a place which helps me think as I have a lot on my mind.  I hope the lessons I am learning will bless the readers as well.