Life as a Foreigner

A Difficult Month

This past month has been very hard for our whole family.  In November my Amith's dear Uncle Ajith died very suddenly and went to be with the Lord.  He was like a second father to my husband and was always loving and supportive of us as a couple.  He loved Jesus, and Amith would call… Continue reading A Difficult Month

Life as a Foreigner

Myself No More: Giving Up My Rights

We all want so much to fight for our rights; women's rights, minority rights, religious rights, etc. These are the basic things we need, the things we should have a right to: Food Shelter Good Health Sufficient Clothing Relationships with others Privacy But when we're living for Christ we may have to sacrifice some or… Continue reading Myself No More: Giving Up My Rights

Life as a Foreigner

Culture Shock: from Giving to Receiving

Global Nomadism

If you’ve ever lived overseas for an extended period of time you will realize that culture shock is not a ‘slap you in the face’ one day event. It is a creeping process that grasps you like a slow growing ivy. Before you know it, you are overcome.

An American  friend of mine just shared with me that after a year in foreign culture, she is experiencing culture shock.  You will hear young travels who visit a foreign culture for 3 weeks say “It was awesome! I didn’t experience culture shock at all!”

Of course they didn’t. No one experiences TRUE culture shock without authentic friendships with national people.

One of the most powerful realization moments for me was about one year into my time in a mid size Indian city. I was working for a small IT company and had done my best to immerse myself in the culture…

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Life as a Foreigner

Accepting Jesus’ Friend Request and Managing Feelings

Lately I've been feeling down because of a sense of loneliness. Although I have good friends in spots in different parts of the country I've been living in, I've struggled to make close friends where I'm living due to several factors, mainly because it's a little hard and awkward to make close male friends, especially… Continue reading Accepting Jesus’ Friend Request and Managing Feelings